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NPR interview with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Making Gay History Podcast - Frank Kameny

Here are the absolute basics of what you need to know about Frank Kameny, who lived a long and extraordinary life.  He was fired from his federal government job in 1957 because he was gay.  He didn’t just go home and pull the covers over his head.  He fought a successful eighteen-year-battle with the government to change the law so the same thing didn’t happen to other gay people.

A Conversation with Teen Vogue Labor Columnist Kim Kelly

March 6, 2019: Julie and Tim talk with Kim Kelly, labor columnist at Teen Vogue and former music editor at VICE. She shares her journey from humble beginnings in rural New Jersey to writing for a publication that reaches millions, and provides insight into her experience forming a union at VICE, radical political activism and her desire for young people to challenge capitalism in today's economy.

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